Here's to You | Here's to Me

by Dormiveglia

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released April 27, 2014

Zane Walsh - Vocals
Craig Simpson - Guitar/vocals
Luis Febo - Guitar
Mitch Dennis - Bass
Ron Marsh - Drums

Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Sean Dolich and Hunter Young. Mastered by Jesse Kirkbride at Kirkbride Recording.



all rights reserved


Dormiveglia Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Ethical Lapse
Set your intentions to better ambitions,
That or become the monster that you spawned from.
Step back, reflect, and decide.
Keep watch your internal penitentiary
That harbors ill intent and ethical lapse.
Step back, reflect, and decide.

Self-control, I depend upon your discipline.
Without you, I fear for those in close contact.
Where would I be without the ones who've helped me,
The ones who truly got my back?
The solution is right in front of me.
I just have to reach out, hold, pull, bring it back.
The solution is easy for me to see:
Behind the mirror lies the man in me.

I have to clearly define between my wants and my needs.
Back then, I used to think for myself,
But now the bottle thinks for me.

Back then, I used to think for myself,
But now the bottle thinks for me.
Back then, I had concrete defiance.
I'd pick my battles, not pick my defeat.
Back then, I used to think for myself.
I used to calm the rage inside of me.
Back then, I had concrete defiance.
The only ground I needed was the earth below my feet.

Self-control, I rely on your resistance
Against the wind and against the grain.
Shield me with better judgement,
Reinforce my reasons to refrain.
One evil has transferred to another,
Infecting my morality and where I stand.
The temptation is tangible. Its taste is palpable.
For fuck's sake, it's right in my hand.

I have fallen so far,
And I can't get back up.

I used to have a clear conscience. I used to be moralistic.
I used to put others before me. I used to be more realistic.

You can't always put the blame on your problems.
Often times, the true problem is in yourself.

Stand back up.
Give your promises physical form.
You have been given another day.
(We have been given another day.)
You've been given two hands but only one life,
So push those demons away.
(We have been given another day.)

I will not become the victim.
I will conquer my vices.

Right now, I am trying my hardest to formulate a better plan.
Right now, I am looking in the mirror,
And promising to become a better man.
Track Name: Craven Lane (feat. Hunter Young of Silence)
To return to the sanctuary,
A place that was once called home.
Revisited, but something’s changed.
Truth is this place became cold.
There seems to be a change in the feeling with the past.
Questioning my surroundings,
I begin to wonder if they saved me for last.

Will this feeling ever cease,
Or will I end up to see my own demise?
Constantly misinterpreted,
Completely misunderstood.
A pit of infinite confusion.
Perhaps it’s all just an illusion.
Permanent, perhaps in theory.
But when is anything ever the same?

So sick of the constant frustration of whether to drop it or pick up the pace.
Perhaps I’ll just bite my tongue,
But I’d rather spit the poison right back in your fucking face.

Liars and thieves are all you are to me.
Contrary to popular belief, I am bloodthirsty.
There's a huge fucking difference between you and me.
It's a goddamn shame you just couldn't fucking see.


Disbelief is taking over.
I feel so cold.
I have never felt so vacant,
So hollow in my soul.
Never thought you’d be the one to do this to me.
I used to look to you and value your consistency.
Disbelief is slowly taking over.
Track Name: Stay Gold, Ponyboy
Do you remember falling?
You were on your knees,
Still clinging to something,
The only thing you could reach.

It's things like this that hit close to home.
I stand in line with those who wish they could take your place.
It's a shame that the price we had to pay
Brought all of us together, but took you away.

When you look down, I hope you see
Things aren't the way they use to be.
I hope you know you will always be more than a memory.
You are family.
You are my family.

It's not right.
I didn't get the chance to say goodbye.

They say the good die young.
A legend lives a lifetime.
His spirit carries on.
Track Name: Loaded Gun
They can never know a thing.
Don't talk.
You can't speak
It'll ruin this family.
Pull it together.
You're stronger than you think.

Hide it all so they can't see.
Be the kid they make me pretend to be,
'Cause I every time I tried to breath,
Your fist came crashing back into me.
What kind of man...
What kind of man does it take
To self destruct and ruin everything?
Look me in the eyes and tell me can you...
(Can you believe in me?)

Can you believe in me?
'Cause I believed in you all along.
How does it feel?
(How does it feel?)
Living your life like a loaded gun.

Familiar faces but forced to feel alone.
It gets harder everyday.
Five years to go.
I'll be on my own.
Yeah, I'll run away.

Away from this broken home.
Away from everything I know.
Break the shackles.
Get up off the ground.
Never let another anchor hold me down.

I understand you went through some things.
That gives you know right to take it out on my brother and me.

Where did you lose yourself?
Was it when she found somebody else?

I embody the traits it takes to pull through this.
I can forgive,
But the scars won't let me forget.
We both know this was never about me,
But what you yourself went through,
I tried to help you.
I was just too young.
It's not my fault.
I was your youngest son.

When I was falling,
I looked up to you,
The only one that could save me.
Now there's nothing you can do.
With my fist clenched tight, and tear-filled eyes,
Not one reason why,
I watched you leave me.
Track Name: Waist Deep
From the beginning, they said I was just like you.
I held you close.
What else was I supposed to do?
Take the time to think.
This isn't how it should be.
Can you even hear me?

A mother's love for all three sons.
There's a constant replay in my head.
I never thought it would come down to this.
I wanna go back and fix you.
There's so much we missed.

Then you met a man…

Wherever you are, come out and just face me.
I'll break you down with everything you fucking believe.
There's nothing you could every say.
You are scum.
You ruined everything.

Pull you in again.
I would pull you in.
Just close your eyes.
Let your lungs full with the air I breath in them.

Stop trying to run an hide from the things around you.
Look deep inside.
You have worth.
There are ones that love you.

Look at me.
I'm within your arm's reach.
I'm here to help you,
But you have to let me.